December 29, 2008

Lack of doctors is SHOCKING

I am really shocked at the lack of doctors for Canadians. For those who are out of Canada reading this it is appalling. We have a universal health care system that is "free". Yes, free of cost, not of hassle, nor long waits, nor frustrations. Get this basic fact: 1 in 5 Canadians in a major city don't have a family doctor, at all. So, if your child is sick and needs ear drops, you go to a drop in medical clinic. Thankfully I have one. Which still means this: on a weekday I show up at 10:30 am to sit there for 1 hr. roughly. Get given 1 of 12 cards for an appt. time. If you're # 13 or later? Tough, you don't get to see the doctor today. Then get an appt. time for the afternoon. Then back off home or whatever, then back to the doctors office for the appointed time. For a regular appt? That's a 6 to 8 week wait. That's who I'm depending on for my mental health "expert" at this time? Ooooo eee, I'm in trouble.

See, the psychiatrist that I mentioned a few posts ago. The one who prescribed me the Lamotringe? Well, she up and quit her job. Six years, no break and a mother to 5 kids? I'd quit too, frankly. But, no follow up on a patients prescription. Not so kosher, in my mind. A regular family doctor gets little psychiatric training, I've heard. Add into that his very busy schedule, and yes, I do feel abandoned at times. Wondering, "do I feel bad enough to go show up at a hospital emergency room where I've been told I have to go in order to see a psychiatrist?" I sigh heavily. Luckily, about a year into my treatment I decided to go ahead and also see a psychologist in between the medical appointments. Great, wonderful, awesome decision all around. She is still in the picture thankfully. I'm due to see her second week of January.

Sometimes I feel angry I have been left out to dry. Why aren't there enough psychiatrists to go around? Why indeed in all of West Quebec, and Ottawa, can't one psychiatrist find room for me. I guess if the husbands, and wives who are violent stop that stuff, then maybe the less mentally sick of us may get some attention :P (dark, black sarcasm there sorry). But man, it is "FRUSTRATING"!!!!

If you know of, heard of, or experienced any form of alternative health care for mental illnesses including depression please, leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks. I'm going to look into acupuncture as an adjunct procedure to help deal with the still present mood swings.

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