January 9, 2009

Another hodge-podge post

Ok, first one, because it makes me laugh is the Theory of a Deadman video HERE on Yahoo Music The PC'ness of trying to edit out the words just doesn't work LOL. Nah, for the full version, read oooo bad words, go here Theory of a Deadman. Actually they just refer you to the Yahoo site. So, nvm right now LOL. But that song just reminds me of all the things we could, and do, make us feel down. But heck no, I'm not going to let them! Quoting the song "Put your middle finger up in the air, and go on, scream Fuck you!" and carry on with life. But don't do that, to somebody, just think it, smile and say, nah, I'm better than that. And walk away. But, sometimes? I'm doing that exact thing in my mind ;)

Ok, now to the 7 things you don't know about me thing. I did one on my 'sane' blog and so here is one for my 'insane' one LOL

1. I have a huge sentimental streak inside me. I keep old mementoes from years past. I have a couple of large shoe boxes full of high school stuff, and college stuff including the program from Tim and mine graduation from college.

2. I have few 'very close' friends. That is, the ones you'd talk to under any and all circumstances. My best friend is a girl I went to kindergarten with and who's been there for most of my big events. Such a treat to have someone who knows you well and who will be there, through thick and thin. We traveled through Europe together, and I think that was the hardest test of our friendship bond. But we stuck it out!

3. I can speak a bit of Italian (not much) but some Italian phrases, and can speak passable French. I sat and chatted with a lady at the doctor's office, and we chatted 90% in French. I was happy that it comes out of the grey matter when needed!

4. I've always had an interest in airplanes and at one point said "I'm going to be the first female Snowbird pilot!" Well that didn't happen did it? The Snowbirds are Canada's hotshot fighter pilot daredevils who do the acrobatic stuff in the sky. Amazing and awe-inspiring. My hopes were let out with a big pop when a General said to me, "Come back and see me when you've got your engineering degree in aeronautics". Um, right, sir.

5. I have a massive dislike of Fundamentalism for ideas. Life is not a certainity of black and white options. We all have choices of grey in there. Nobody has any right to say "You must be a believer in Christ or you shall go to Hell?" My answer to this is "Oh ya? Did God tell you this himself? Did you hear him personally say that? Oh, so it's your belief that leads you to believe that huh? Well, that's a Belief dude, not a fact. Let me decide, thanks very much what my belief is." And that is simply one example of how some Christians try to browbeat people into loving God. It is not the way. So many problems in life are due to pig headed fundamentalism, I feel.

6. I love to let loose some days and just dance like crazy to a video of music or a CD. While I do the dishes, or wash the clothes, or clean up the house, I'm grooving along to the song(s). Makes me forgot about the boringness of the jobs LOL Oh speaking of that - my favourite video from Theory to clean up the office to is Bad Girlfriend

7. I'm a good cook. I love making bread, pizza dough, twisted braids of bread etc. etc. There's something so earthy, and good, and right, and nice about the smell of a yeasty bread dough rising.

If you want to do your own 7 things, just leave me a link in comments k? And I'll be around to read it. Thanks! :)

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