January 4, 2009

Feeling lonely when I'm not alone

K, that sounds weird, but it's true. It's like I need a stimulus to make me laugh and feel good, or I feel lonely. Doing day-to-day stuff aka crap just gets me in the dumps. Music helps, but then I get Tim saying it's too loud, or he doesn't like it, and turns it off. :(

It's like I need a main-stream of interesting conversation aimed at me, and then I feel alive and functioning and happy. Without input I flounder about, get depressed and just don't feel good. I feel lonely. My kids help a fair bit, but at times, I'd just rather not have their level of 'conversation'. "Mummy I'm hungry. I want a cheese and mayo sandwich. I want white bread. Cut it like this Mummy (crosswise, NOT sideways for squares). You put butter on! (won't eat it, if I make that error). I don't like the crusts (so like 3 bits per bit) :P Then 5 mins. later "Mummy I'm hungry I want carrots and dip! That's not the right kind of dip! I don't like it (leaves dip and carrots). Half hour later 'Mummy I'm hungry, I want apple!' You say, I'm sorry I'm busy atm, can you wait 5 mins. 'Mummy I'm hungry!' and won't shut up :P Yeah, that's awesome conversation!

K, that was Vic's version of convo. Sarah's? Well "Miss Picky Eater" about covers it. Only certain foods meet the standard of entering the mouth. Usually those with salt, fat or both. And breaded, never plain. Except for turkey. Oh, and chips? Miss Chip Queen. Yes, for sure.

So, yeah, getting out, and talking to other adults is good for me, I know. I need to do more of it.

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