January 25, 2009

Feeling sick :(

Well, it started last night with severe shivering. Man do I have a headache today! A good temperature too (as in high, not 'great feeling') Don't know what I have but it's hit me like a Mack truck. No energy at all.

The chugga-chugga-choo-choo of the brain cranking away is definitely less there. More able to control emotion, and able to reason better, lately I find. This combination of drugs that I'm on seems ideal, in a lot of ways. Not so tiring as the previous set, and yet still, I feel in control.

As I lie in bed, feeling like crap, of course I think back. Regrets, sorrows and a feeling of "I've fucked that up but good". But, can't cry about yesterday, right? Can't worry about tomorrow. Just take it one day at a time, and enjoy the day.

Vic is a good nurse LOL. She's giving me "feel better" needles, as my nurse. Taking my temperature and then "kerpow" the thermometer blew up because my temp was so high. LOL her imagination is vast, at times. I love that. They get this little glint in the eye when they play "nurse" Like "oooo now I'm the boss of her!" LOL

Made yummy home-made pizza last night. So yummy (that was before I started feeling like crap). Kids really love home-made cheese pizza, thank goodness LOL!

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The Maven said...

We had homemade pizza tonight! Geekster made it because I'm also feeling rather craptastic. Here's to both of us feeling better tomorrow, I hope! Rest up :)