January 13, 2009

First meeting with acupuncturist

So, had my first meeting with the acupuncturist. Interesting stuff about how they go about establishing your health! A look at the tongue to see its colour, texture, appearance, and condition. A long feel of the pulse on my wrists. A detailed questioning of my body and its routine, habits, wants, dislikes, and general disposition. Building up a history for him to establish where my body is in terms of overall general health. As he said Chinese medicine is all about prevention. A complete reversal of Western medicine. The doctor in Eastern cultures sees you when you're well. Trying to prevent illness is the key to their job. Very interesting thought, and really rather smart, I feel!

So, then, yes I laid on the table, got comfortable and he inserted the needles to the point where I just felt a bit of reaction. A slight electric shock or reflex or sensation. Then I was asked what music I'd like to listen to. I chose Asian flute. So, then dark room, peaceful, and a half hour of total peace. Ahhh, so nice! No kids, no dog, no husband, no internet, just emptying my mind, reminding myself to only think of breathing. Oh boy was I relaxed when he came back!

I'm running hot, with flames on my head, as he put it. We need to pull that flame down to my feet and ground me. So, it'll take likely four or five sessions, one per week, and then we'll see how it is. With this extra sleep, from the pills, and this, I'm feeling really in control.

So nice to treat a friend to a latte, as a surprise too. /wave to Maven :) Little pieces of life that make you smile, like a 1/2 hour of total peace, a smile, an "I love you Mummy and I missed you" from my daughter. These make life so rich and full and happy. I am blessed.

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