January 6, 2009

Links between my consumption of Omega-3's and my mood

Ok, I'm going to talk about something I've noticed. And that helps, a lot. That is: popping a few Omega 3's into my mouth. Back in 1999 when I first had Sarah, I got the help of a lactation consultant. That's the lady who knows how to stuff the boob into the mouth so the babe gets the food from it LOL. So, she said for me to give Sarah the optimum benefits I should add flax oil capsules into my diet. So, did that. And I can recall feeling little in the way of mood swings. Things were stable. I kept up the breastfeeding until Sarah was 2 years old. Around May of 2001 I noticed my nipples were sore. And yes, Victoria was on the way. I kept up taking the flax oil, and then another two more years of taking it, as I breastfeed Victoria for 2 years. As an aside we saved a shit-load of money in no formula cost and using cloth diapers. Anyway, after she stopped, when I decided to take a jogging program with the Running Room, I stopped the supplements. Woo eee, crazy times ensued. Really crazy. I can recall losing my temper when they wouldn't sleep and going into the kitchen and wham wham wham wham on the cutting board with our big knife. It scared me as I was doing it. I couldn't stop. It totally scared Tim too. Another time, I slapped him, my dear husband across the face. I don't say these things as any badge of honour, but to show just how "OUT OF CONTROL" I truly was. Then, things fell into place with the drugs the family doctor gave me. It was the psychiatrist who said to go back onto the Omega-3. And man, did that help. An email friend commented about 6 months later "Deb, you're so, well, "normal", these days. Does that tell you the difference in moods? That isn't even somebody close to me, around me, seeing my day-to-day stuff.

I was just filling gelatin capsules with Flax oil this morning. What a messy, icky job. But, if it helps I shall do it. For everyone, including myself. I was curious, as well, what the difference between Omega 3 and 6. The 3 we must get from supplements. The 6 we get in plentiful amounts in foods. It's the balance between the 2 that is the key, I gather from this article

Quote now, from that article

The imbalance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may also contribute to obesity, depression, dyslexia, hyperactivity and even a tendency toward violence. Bringing the fats into proper proportion may actually relieve those conditions, according to Joseph Hibbeln, M.D., a psychiatrist at the National Institutes of Health, and perhaps the world's leading authority on the relationship between fat consumption and mental health. At the 2006 Nutrition and Health Conference sponsored by the University of Arizona's College of Medicine and Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Hibbeln cited a study showing that violence in a British prison dropped by 37 percent after omega-3 oils and vitamins were added to the prisoners' diets.

Wiki entry on Omega-3 EFA's (essential fatty acids)

NetWellness article on understanding Omega 3 and 6 EFA's

Hope this helps somebody understand that those fish oils, that cod liver oil, or flax seeds ground up and sprinkled are pretty vital to our mental health.


Anonymous said...

My future sister-in-law has incorporated more flax seed oil into her diet, but I believe it is more for her to lose weight than for mental stability (she's probably the most grounded person I know!). She also loves going organic.

I wonder what other ways I could get Omega 3 outside of flax seed oil...

Toria/Deb said...

Found this article