January 5, 2009

Music, and its influence

*Listening to Pink's "Funhouse" that I just unwrapped. Ripping it to the HD as I type. Yeah, I'm a CD buyer. I'd rather have the hard copy, as opposed to a digital download. More secure.

"So What" is a great song! About the breakup of her marriage to Corey Hart, the motocross racer. I like her style. I bought it due to the great review by a friend, Speedy. Thanks!

Ok, music does affect my mood, and my way of speech I've noticed. I do love the anger of rap music, at times. Eminem is a master of lyrics. "Crazy insane or is that insane crazy?" Whatever, he's a genius IMHO of lyrics. Many will say WTF Deb? Are you NUTS? No, just know what I like. Dr. Dre. meh, not so keen. But, here's the downfall of Mr. MM's music > I swear more, and sometimes I do feel angry after listening to it, and singing along. That's been a result of some poor decisions.

Whereas if I listen to some nice religious rock'n'roll like Paul Colman (an Aussie muscian) I feel mellow, happy, grounded. Jewel too. And OMG Sasah McLachlan > I love her stuff. I have definite favourites lately: Theory of a Deadman, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, and MB20. Those will likely change in the next few months. I'd say Pink will become a disc in the rotation in the kitchen. I really do enjoy having music on.

Now, lyrics. I tend to try to fit in my life to have some revelance to the lyrics. I can associate events, feelings and emotions to different songs. Some laugh at my associations but basically stuff them. I'll continue to do it. I enjoy it. The song I think I first did that with was with my HS buddies and "Eleanor Rigby" I was most like that song out of all the Beatles songs. Do others do that I wonder? I'm curious. The song I think my GF's and I most liked, at times after breakups was the classic Marianne Faithfull tune "Why D'Ya do it?" off her "Broken English" album. I still have the vinyl record in the basement. Likely warped now LOL. Here's an excerpt from the wiki entry about that song.

The last track, "Why D’Ya Do It?", was a caustic, graphic rant of a woman reacting to her lover's infidelity. The lyrics began with the man's point of view, relating the bitter tirade of his jilted lover. It was set to a grinding tune inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s recording of Bob Dylan’s "All Along the Watchtower". Poet and writer Heathcote Williams had originally conceived the lyrics as a piece for Tina Turner to record, but Faithfull succeeded in convincing him that Turner would never record such a number. Its plethora of four-letter words and explicit references to oral sex caused controversy and led to a ban in Australia, where local pressings of the LP were released with smooth vinyl in place of the track and a 'bonus' 45 single as compensation (the ban did not extend to import copies).

We (me and my GF's) had no real idea of the real feeling she put into that song, but we called it our angry, bitter song LOL.

I find music does make me happy in the long run. And radio too. Chatty radio. Bring on CBC!

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