January 20, 2009

My homework for the week from the acupuncturist

Okay, so I've got homework to do this week :) Have to write down what I eat in the next week. 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day. He just wants to see what food I put in my body, and see if he can suggest anything different. Likely to cut out the processed foods and eat "real, healthy" foods. I'm a lover of buns, doughnuts and sticky buns. Not the best food, obviously! But if it's not around, I don't eat it. We do try to have whole wheat bread on the counter for eating.

Another bit of homework is deep breathing practice. We tend to breath shallower as we get tensed up he says. So, to be able to call on the deep breathing to calm us down, slow us down, we need to practice it when not stressed. Makes sense to me! Just starting out with a few minutes he's saying. Then gradually over the next month build up to 15-20 minutes of steady, focused, deep breathing to really calm myself, and get myself absorbing the earth's energy. Great way to describe it is to think of your feet as roots, he said.

I feel calm this morning. Not tired, and not bouncy at all. Just calm. The kids were on my back saying "I don't wanna go to school Mummy, I have this, that, the other thing wrong with me". But none of that made me rise up inside. The dragon of anger is sleeping LOL. Thank goodness. I can see clearly that there is no point in getting riled up over little things now.

Okay, a bit of Google goodness and we come up with the name David Servan-Schreiber as the author "Healing without Freud or Prozac". Wiki entry on him here. The way I double checked that it was the right book was look up the name on the French Amazon "Guerir" which is the only name the acupuncture guy could remember. This article from the Independent newspaper in England is quite detailed in information about him.

Well, I'm glad to hear that he's part of MSF. Since 2005 and the tsunami in Indonesia I've done the monthly donation thing to MSF. Only $20/month, and a nice steady bit of income for their charity.

"We think in generalities, but we live in detail". Alfred North Whitehead

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