January 15, 2009

Off to see the doctor

Well, it's time for me to be off to see my doctor. I'm glad I made this appointment to see him back in late November. Thank goodness we'd agreed that every 3 months I should see him to keep up to date on my treatment for bipolar. It's sad to think that I have to wait that long, though, because of him being so overworked. What if he quits, honestly? Throwing all his patients to the wind. We'll never find another doctor to take us. Nobody is accepting new patients, period. If they are, it's because you won a 'lottery' where your name, among the thousands who submitted their names, got picked. That isn't how a medical system in Canada should work. It's broken. Broken badly, IMHO

Thank God the car starts. Tim's didn't, this morning. He was 1.5 hours late for work today. Means a long, busy day for him. Brrr, the freezing cold gets in your bones. I feel cold today.

Cheers, be happy. I'll try to smile. :)

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