January 8, 2009

Oh, for the want to sleep, oh dear sleep!

Ok, I am tired. I am sick of being tired. I went to see my shrink today and talked about being tired. Being angry. Being frustrated so much that I want a label stuck on my forehead "I AM FUCKING FRUSTRATED DON'T BUG ME!" I want to sleep. Oh, sleep, bed, I want you. Oh, I desire you. But, I want to sleep well.

So, the solution was to walk up one flight of stairs once the appointment with the shrink was done, and see the doctor. "Well, he's busy. Well, I NEED to see him now k? I have bipolar, I can't sleep, he said to ask if I really needed to see him, and he'd see me." Well, within 15 mins. I was seeing his buddy. Oh man, the relief! To hear a doctor say, "yes, that must be frustrating. Here's what I'm going to do to help you. Yes, this prescription will help you sleep." Oh thank you Lord for psychologists. Thank you for receptionists who aren't snarky (it pays to say thank you so much for doing your job so well to them every time I see them ;) ) thank you Lord for doctors who listen first, ask questions and then act. Thank you Lord for drugs to make me sleep. Thank you Lord for getting me home in time for 2 hours of blessed sleep before my kids get home from school. And most of all, thank you Lord for my life.

K, one more post on the other one, about crappy drivers, and then SLEEP! Precious SLEEP!

Say thank you to someone today ok? Just a random person who does a mundane thing for you. A bus driver. A cashier. Just say thank you. You'll feel better, they'll feel better.

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