January 23, 2009

Somebody else notices I'm doing better

The psychologist yesterday commented that I was calmer. More in control, listening more, pausing more for her, and just seemed relaxed and happy. That is nice to hear that someone else notices!

Shoo, go away Indian spammes with your drug ads. Somebody tried to sell something in comments. I've got moderation on, so, they don't have a chance to get on here for you all to see.

Well, it's annoying to see that WoW is down today. Unscheduled, emerg. maitenance. :( The kids are home on a pupil-free day, and it's miserable outside. So, time to break out the tent (kiddy sized one) and the snacks and presto, camping out with the Webkins. Gives me an hour or so of peace LOL

Something the psych. and I talked about was e-mail. How I feel more important somehow if I get a personal email. She was asking if I thought others felt that way. Not as likely I said. Then we got into the idea if they don't send one, does that somehow mean they don't care? Of course not! If they don't write, does that mean they don't like you? No, of course not! Why the hell do I get into these negative frames of mind where the answers above are Yes. God, I am so stupid, at times. So damn insecure, which is stupid, pointless and annoying, for sure.

I hope that I continue to feel this good as I go along this year. I know life is a journey, but damn I hope the ride is smooth and not too full of bumps, ruts, and unexpected left turns into hell, and then bumping over rocks, tree and stumps to get back out to the smooth road of life LOL. Wow, now that's a metaphor and a half!

Have a great weekend everybody (or maybe the one) who reads this. :)

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