January 12, 2009

Stereotypes and how we do it

So, yes, lets talk about stereotypes and why we do it. Some may say that stereotyping is dumb, and they don't do it. I'll raise my eyebrow and say "yeah right" with sarcasm. We all do it, to an extent. Think of the bus example. A guy is acting aggressive and angry at his girlfriend. You think "he's on drugs probably". There you go, you're labeling him a druggie. He may have bipolar for all you know. Or, may have just lost his job, and she's breaking up with him. If we see a man, in rags on the sidewalk, sitting, head hung down, we'll avoid him most likely. We think "oh he's a homeless alcoholic guy". There you go: stereotype #2. And so on.

Now we come to color of skin, black, white, olive, yellow with oriental eyes. We all have blood under our skin. Feelings and emotions don't change due to your skin color. Why the FUCK do people discriminate due to skin color? And don't tell me it doesn't happen, it does. How dare people do that?!? Pisses me off royally to hear a friend in WoW say he's been treated badly due to his skin color. Grrrrr.

Now, we come to women. Yes, some are easy going. Some are worried about their appearance and get their nails done and hair done. Some, like me, haven't seen a hairdresser in years. And heck it's cheaper, for sure. Some love to wear label clothes (I don't). But, when you're a primping, prissy little princess that doesn't give you the right to treat others like shit. Oh no siree, just because you're beautiful, with work, doesn't mean I'm less of a person.

To me, looks are so meaningless. I've found some gorgeous guys, who've I met, and who are absolute assholes, to put it nicely. Some guys, overweight, with acne, are the nicest people on the planet. To me, its the soul, the heart, the mind that matters. Nothing about looks, primping, hair gel or any of that shit. Yeah I do appreciate looking at David Beckhams body. But do I think about how hot he is? Not really, I think 'wow, he's an awesome soccer player, so talented'. So much more about the brains of guys.

People are beautiful if they smile inside and are good people. That's the bottom line. Hopefully I show that. :)

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The Maven said...

Look! I'm finally on your blog! And yes, this is a fab post, and right in line with what I was talking about a couple of days ago. It's a shame that people have to discriminate. But, like my friend Pixie says, fight the darkness! I feel it's my responsibility to say something when there is any kind of discrimination going on. It doesn't have to be a full out tantrum I throw, but maybe something subtle that gets people thinking.

Thanks for the coffee and (short) visit today. I'm sorry the timing was poor, but you got to cuddle a baby, right? The best part of any day! *hugs*