January 15, 2009

Tea, and its effects

Something I was surprised to think, after my consultation with the acupuncturist was the fact that nobody, until him, has thought to ask me my caffeine consumption level. He was the one who asked "what quantity of caffeine drinks are in your diet". His eyes widened in shock when he heard about 6 to 7 large teas a day. I am his all time winner for the most in a day. LOL So, yeah, he mentioned I should cut back. Haha, yes! Hadn't even thought of that as a trigger for my hype-ness. He also said, you can't go cold turkey, just cut it back. So, he mentioned the infusion idea. You should use loose tea, but bags are ok, as well. Pour a bit of hot water on the bag and swirl it for about 20-30 secs then pour that off. You're releasing most of the caffeine in that short time and pouring it away. Then fill the pot to your wanted level and let it steep 5-7 mins. Then, you'll still have the tea tasting the same, with about 90% less caffeine in it. Sounds good to me! As well as that, also I should be alternating mint tea, or actually tisanes (the correct name). That way, I'm getting the hot beverage sans caffeine.

So cold this morning here. -26C @ 7:30 am to get the kids out to the bus. Ouch.

Feeling drowsy and tired this morning. Yes, I slept solidly from 9 pm to 6:30 am when Vic said "get up Mummy it's time". If she'd not woken me, I'd have slept until 8 am likely. Sarah said I was snoring in the night. Ugh LOL I hate the sound of Tim doing it, but oh well, better that I get my needed sleep in and snore away. But "ugh" in a thought LOL

I passionately hate the idea of being with it, I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time. Orson Welles

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