January 30, 2009

Why people in a mania state don't seek help

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor nor any type of medical professional. All of this is my speculation.

Ok, now to the speculation of why people in a mania state don't seek help. It's because we feel good! We feel like we're accomplishing things. Seems all is going well. It's only when a crack develops that we start to wonder if things ARE as great as they seem. For me, it was a series of events. Yelling at people who didn't deserve it. And then the really painful one. On Christmas Eve, falling asleep before filling the girls stockings. And then hearing them say "Mummy Santa forgot to come, our stockings are empty". Oh God that hurt to hear them say that. How dare I ruin their Christmas? They said, when I paused for a minute, "oh well he must have been really busy this year, and other kids need toys too, don't they?" But I knew that didn't let me off the hook. That's the day when I said to self "you are sick dear, and need help". Yes, I did. I'm glad I got it.

A friend told me a story this morning in WoW. How a mother has badly damaged her daughters self-esteem by having manic-depression for years and never taking drugs for it. The daughter feels so on-edge, so nervous about her own feelings, not wanting to set off her mum again on another rant, or crying episode. She'll never be the same, happy child she likely was. How I'd like to slap that woman, hard? Let me count the ways.

I forgot to include Sally Fields portrayal of a manic-depressive mother in my "Walking in somebody else's shoes" post as a good example of what it is like. She did a marvellous job on the show "ER" as Abby's mum. Excerpt from this page on media portrayal of bipolar

top-rated NBC-TV series ER is tackling the subject of bipolar disorder by introducing the character of Maggie, the manic-depressive mother of resident medical student Abby Lockhart (played by Maura Tierney). Maggie suffers from Bipolar Type I, with major manic episodes and major depressive episodes, and when she first strode into the emergency room, she was wearing a flamboyant outfit and talking nonstop, barely allowing anyone else to get a word in edgewise. But when Abby claimed not to know her, Maggie began charging around the area screaming her daughter's name in a rage.

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