February 4, 2009

25 Facts/Habits about you

Well I just did it on my Facebook profile, since a friend tagged me in it. So, yeah I did it!

I won't tag anybody on here, already done that on Facebook after all. But I will copy it in here, for those of you who don't read my FB profile. I'd rather prefer to keep the two seperate.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I lived in the same house for 20 years when growing up. Nice bungalow on a wooded lot which I now miss terribly.

2. I've owned 2 dogs in my life, 1 a full Beagle, the other 1 a Beagle daschund cross that ran away on me last fall. Always wondered what happened to dear old Bailey.

3. I had to have IVF treatment to get pregnant with my first daughter Sarah. It worked the first time! We were so thrilled. My second baby got made the old-fashioned way ;)

4. I love doing research, on many things. The internet is my friend in helping find out stuff. Why do I spend so much time doing research? I have not a clue why. But I love doing it.

5. I'm currently reading a great book called "Exuberance, the passion for Life" by Kay Redfield Jamieson, a well known expert on bipolar and mood disorders. She suffers from it herself.

6. I found out I had bipolar in May of 2005. It wasn't a fun diagnosis and something I have to live with for the rest of my life. Thankfully I seem to be okay since Christmas on the current drugs.

7. I tend to look far too much into the past and regret mistakes I've made. I need to remember "the past is in the past, and cannot be changed. Today is today and what we make of it. Tomorrow is the future which we hope is good, happy and successful"

8. I love finding meaningful quotations, as is shown in many of my Facebook status lines.

9. An internet friend was the one who made me see that perhaps God isn't the cause of all the troubles in our world. Man is, and it's his evil ways that cause many of our troubles. God gives us peace, and me peace, especially.

10. I love eating a mixture of oatmeal, brown sugar with some butter, just like that. LOL, uncooked yes. So yummy.

11. I am a chocoholic. Do NOT leave me alone with a box of chocolates if you want any left, ok?

12. I'm an emotional eater. When I'm down, food goes into the hatch

13. I'm seeing an acupuncture guy for stress/anxiety relief. It's realy relaxing honestly!

14. I love watching football on the TV. A jock with boobs? Who knows? LOL

15. I often enjoy talking to guys rather than girls. Something about their openness, and lack of pettiness, and straight talk appeals to me. Some girls however are so great to talk to. It's not a case of me saying all girls are not fun to talk to. Just some bore me to tears, with hair/makeup talk etc.

16. I rarely wear any makeup or perfume. Just cannot stand the feeling of mascara on my eyes. Makes them itch. And my husband is very sensitive to scents. The wrong perfume can make his eyes stream with tears, send him into fits of sneezing. Better just to not wear it, in other words.

17. I'm a really lousy house-keeper. I can find many ways to ignore the mess, and just be your basic "absent-minded professor" type.

18. I've tested as a brilliant person on intelligence tests, but never got good marks. I think I was ADHD, but never diagnosed as such. A guidance counsellor at my high school tested me, and said that I was very very smart, and perhaps needed less stressful ways to write exams. In that case, I aced the exams.

19. I used to love running. Both in grade school, in high school, and while I was "skinny". I trained with the Running Room for the 5 K, the 10 K, and the half-marathon, despite a torn knee ligament. I ended up walking most of the half-marathon, but I DID IT! I don't think I'll ever be able, or fit enough to run a marathon, with these drugs I'm on.

20. I love writing in many forms. On facebook, on my blog(s) of which I have about 10, I think (roughly), but I only write on two regularly. I just feel a need to pour out words, facts, information, details, niblets of information.

21. I'm a weather nerd. Yes, I know how to read a weather map with high, lows, wind currents. Yep, a weather nerd, whose browser knows www.theweatherwork.com and intellicast.com and weatheroffice.gc.ca and yeah likely one or two other. Oh year, NOAA for the hurricane info, and tornado info. Yup, a weather nerd.

22. I used to skin downhill and x-country. Loved both, and don't do it since kids. BK (before kids) we had more time to do it.

23. I rode horses a lot when I was a teenager. My very best friend, Pam, from age 6 and I have maintained a deep love of horses. We had a dream that she'd go to the 1984 Olympics and be a show-jumper and that I'd be her groom for her horse Willy. Of course we never made it there. But it was fun to dream it! I gave up riding once I got into my 20's. But I still feel that urge to ride.

24. I used to smoke and drink alcohol. But within a year of meeting Tim @ age 22 I'd quit smoking. He insisted on it, and said it was like kissing an ashtray when I'd smoked. Made about as much sense as walking into a burning house and taking in a deep breath was his reasoning. So, yeah I quit. I quit drinking when I found out I had bipolar. Now I know why I didn't have an "off" switch like most others do, for drinking. I'd just keep pouring it in, and got sick way too many times. Not a good thing.

25. I can't believe how easily those 24 things up there poured out. Who will I tag who hasn't done one? Hmm, the mind mulls it over.

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