February 10, 2009

Another session of acupuncture

So, I had another session last night. Very relaxing, and helpful. His comment to me was that my diet was fairly healthy but that I needed more variety in my diet of vegetables. More colour, more variety, basically. The whole grains are good, fruit is good, lack of juice is good, bit of milk (1 glass a day plus what goes in my tea) is good. So, yeah, doing ok, aren't I?

Relaxation is key to stress reduction. Learn how to relax when not tense, and then be able to apply that in stressful times. Yes, I am practicing just sitting "breathing". It sounds silly, of course we know how to breathe. But to breathe deeply, fully, filling your lungs and then expelling it slowly, that is the key.

I mentioned about the book "An Unquiet mind". How it had really struck me. He agreed that it is an interesting idea to read a book not only from a clinical psychologiest's view but as well from a person living with the disease. Also agreed with me that he just can't imagine the hamster wheel on steriods that my mind must be in a mania state. He can appreciate the frenzied activity but can't "feel" it.

I've had a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome this last week. I hope it soon goes away.

A friend wrote about how some people get uptight about their kids saying "bad" words. Damn isn't ok, in their books. Um, in ours, Jesus isn't allowed as a swear word LOL Crap is ok, along with damned. It's my kids telling me to not swear, believe it or not. Yes, a bit rich, agreed.

My champagne tastes have always been linked to my moods I believe. The unwillingness to accept that money doesn't grow on trees and that it won't just "appear". So many times I can think of buying things I didn't really need. Just in case, because, it was on sale. You name it, I've said those things. Stupid.

This post is a rambling thought purge. Yes, much like my brain is a rumbled mess. As I pour out the words through my fingers the thoughts keep on chugging away. Now my brain goes to the fires in Australia. Such a terrible tragedy, in so many ways. My heart does go out to them as they cope. I hope it does get better soon, and that the fires are at least under control. It'll be months though before it's truly over (all the fires out).

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