February 17, 2009

Colour me shocked

Well, you can colour me shocked. I got a phone call that my psychiatrist would like to know if I'd like to see her, on a visit to this region. She's practicing in a different region but will come back to see patients in this area.

I must say it is a relief to know that I can be seen by a "real" psychiatrist. Someone who's been trained as a mental health expert, after all. Yes, psychotherapy helps, yes, medication helps, and yes acupuncture is helping, but still. When you have a major mental illness which manic depression is it's just nice to know you can be seen, even if infrequently by a professional in the field.

The doctor is a good one. I always liked her. Obviously, for reasons of privacy I can't say her name. But I'm glad to hear I can see her again.

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