February 15, 2009

Further reading of Night Falls Fast

Well, I've done a bit more reading. To find out that manic depression, moreso than just depression is one of the major causes of suicide. Oh great. If it's combined with alcohol or drug abuse that just raises the chances that much higher. The combination of the two is quite deadly. Well hurray for something. Thankfully neither drugs nor alcohol is in the picture at all, for me. A relief, truly.

It is distressing however to read that due to the strong genetic inherited nature of manic depression there is a fair chance one of my daughters may get it. I hope not. But, at least I know what to look for. We have a good family doctor who's just in his 10th year of practicing, so he'll be around a long time. And we've got the 21st century where it's not a crime to say you have mental illness and talk about it with teachers. So, yes, I can warn people who interact with her. Teachers, I've been told, know which kids are getting enough sleep. They know the ones who can't concentrate. I think a teacher is the one who most notices a child on a day to day basis outside of the home.

When it got to the part about methods I just had to put it down. No, no more reading. Too distressing. Far far too distressing. The author writes at the end that she found the book very hard to write, but she's extremely glad she did. A feeling of far too many lives lost to suicide. She wants people to wake up and see that.

"Look to the living, hold on, and love life"


The Maven said...

Heartbreaking, but not surprising. And as an addict/alcoholic who has battled a couple of rounds of depression herself, I'm just grateful to be here. Really, really grateful. I'm glad you're here, too. *hugs*

Toria/Deb said...

Yeah, me too, glad to be around this crazy place. We really don't make life any easier for ourselves by escaping into a bottle, or doing drugs. It may seem a way of escaping, but sadly it's just going to make that road out that much worse.