February 1, 2009

Noticing a lack of will to write

I'm definitely noticing a lack of will to write on this blog. It's a case of me feeling more in control, and less willing to blab away on here. But I do find it helps to write down thoughts, and get to read them again. So, yes will continue to do it :)

I got a nice compliment in WoW tonight on my druid. She's @ 76 now, and so only 4 more lvls to 80 (the highest). I "tanked" a dungeon. This means you're the one getting all the agro, on purpose and getting beat on. But, my char. is geared for it, with 22 K of armor, and a deep health pool. Lots of fun! Anyways, I was complimented on what a good job I did. I honestly think that now I do better work, when focused. Less going off half-cocked before the grp is ready.

We watched some of the Super Bowl earlier. Good game and I'm glad Pittsburgh won. Doesn't really matter who wins, after all, but a friend is a life-long fan so he's happy, for sure.

I must focus on the future I've told myself a few times today. No more looking in the past, regretting past actions. The past is in the past. Forget it, I tell myself. Move on, think happy thoughts about this year, this week, this month. Plan to do happy things. Look forward to happy moments. That is the ticket.

Here's a great saying "Without love there is no compassion". How wonderful and how true. We love, and we feel compassion. It's when you don't care that you feel nothing close to compassion. I'm glad I love people. And yes, do feel compassion. It may hurt bitterly at times, but I'm happier for feeling compassion, I believe.

Here's a little prayer that I mutter to myself, at times: Dear God please forgive me my sins, help me forgive others, and help others to forgive me. I pray that today I can be strong, and happy, and that you'll take care of me and my family. Thanks, amen.

Not much, but that keeps me going some times. Reminds me of whats important. :)

Love knows no boundaries.

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