February 26, 2009

So firicking fracking annoyed

ok, so like I play WoW ok? I'm a 80 feral tank (druid NE - Night elf). And I love it. Druids are good at healing, good at stealth kitty form and then wham I'm a bear tank with 30,000 armor and 27,000 health (that's a lot). And then those frickin fracking horde rogues GRRRR stun lock you, and stab stab, and people don't come to help out! Battlegrounds are fun, good for equipment but those frickin frackin rogues GRRRRR, make my blood boil. Anyhow.... yeah, feeling a wee bit frustrated. I love surprising people after we've talked a bit, and I know they're kinda friendly, um yeah, I'm a mum of 2, 47 yo. and hear their jaw drop. LOL! Too funny, a tank, doing BG's and you're 47 years old? WTF? LOL, too funny!

Um, yeah, I like doing the melee thing. A fair number of females prefer the "more delicate" cloth type classes: mage/priest/warlock. Nah not for me, the casters are "yawn" boring. Give me melee, armor and I'll fight tooth and nail. And love it. But those frickin fracking rogues, GRRRR

LOL i have one, actually. A human rogue lvl 72, got bored with her. Druids are more fun. But hey, here's a idea, get her to 80 and make the Horde say "GRRRRR, those frickin fracking rogues" hehehe

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