February 25, 2009

types of music

Well I've noticed that I've not listened to rap music since before Christmas. Not in the mood for it, honestly. Definitely a sign I'm in a hyped mood if I want to listen to that stuff I guess. At the moment I'm listening to a fair bit of Coldplay, Evanescence, and my fave Theory of a Deadman. Some MB20 in there too. Generally I have a CD going while I'm working. I find it goes along better with music. Another thing I'm noticing is less paying attention to lyrics. It's like my mind has slowed down, and is less conscious of the words and the meaning behind them. Weird, huh? Ah well, yeah, I'm a unique being, I guess. Still moody though. I can find myself crying for no particular reason. I feel stupid doing it, honestly. Like "why are you crying" I think somebody might ask.

Actually the other day I was chatting with a friend. I said that I cried when I heard Heath Ledger had won the Oscar for his category. I said "you probably think that dumb". He said "you're a woman, and nothing surprises me what you women do. My girlfriend cries too, and I just hug her and say it'll be ok". And so, he made me feel ok. Like it's "NOT" weird to cry, at times.

Do others reading this find they cry a lot?

"A minute to meet a friend, an hour to like them, a day to love them, and a lifetime to forget them."

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