February 17, 2009

Writing in a Journal is good for your health

While waiting at the dentist for my root canal work this morning - yes, root canal on a molar. Ouch. I read a magazine article that said 10 things that are good for you. Among them was writing in a journal, either on paper or online, in a blog. And yes, I'd agree, it *IS* good for me. It affords me what I want: an expression of my thoughts. I'm not bothering people with endless emails this way. Still expressing my thoughts, but not in an obtrusive way.

One wonders if these words will come back to haunt me. I don't hide the fact that I write a manic depression blog but I don't particularly advertise it either. In other words, a few know my name on Facebook but most of my more casual readers may not know my full name. That's good. I want them to stay separate.

At times I feel blogging is a terribly wasteful activity that is very much self-serving and egotistical. But then again, I've never written on here that "I'm great, perfect and wonderful" have I? No, more like, "in pain, worried, sad, crazy, mixed up and feeling resigned to being mentally ill" is more like it. Not exactly patting myself on the back stuff, after all.

Please, remind me, friends who read this, to give me a good swift kick in the behind if I get too egotistical ok? Thanks.

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