March 19, 2009

Another therapy session

Oh the joys. Actually, yes, when I finish one I do feel better having talked it out. All the thoughts, feelings and emotions within me purged out to an ear I pay to listen to me babble on. Yeah, well, some of us need that k? :) It does help.

I sometimes wonder if they think I'm certifiably nutso. Or if they see me as a reasonable person with bad judgement at times. I'd likely say the latter, judging on the reaction.

But sometimes I feel such a jumbled mess. My mind just feels chaotic. Then I remember the meditation trick. Of trying to Draw all my energies into my soul. How I can only be stronger if I do that. If I feed my soul, I'll be stronger. It does help.

A comment to my previous entry is how can you do that? Well, it's not easy. But the meditation idea that the acupuncture guy has introduced to me has really helped. I need the medication. But I also need the meditation part of the equation. Only then am I the calm centred person that I want that therapist to see. A logical, albeit talkative person who seems sane. This is a good thing.

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