March 31, 2009

How does one find the will to write?

LOL! corrected the "right" to the "write" in the title. After all we have to have the right "write" up there, right? LOLOLOLLOLO

Here's an interesting thought, actually. How do bloggers find the will to write entries? Really it's just you sitting there, at a computer with the keyboard at the ready, and finger poised. What mindset do you, the reader, need to type out something? I'd guess a few would do what I do -> simply let the thoughts in my head flow out of the fingers and onto the screen. Others would hesitate, and re-read every sentence as they compose the blog entry. Yet others would write a bit, erase it all, thinking "that's dumb" and sit stewing about it, worrying. I never do that, btw.

Sometimes, though, this gift of thoughts flowing out easily is a curse. Where is the off-tap? Some days I can't find it. The little stream of thoughts doesn't stop babbling away. I envy those that can empty their minds easily. You know, just say "ok I don't feel like writing a post today, I'll go do something else". For me to say that, to myself, is very hard.

Even out in public, I sometimes have a hard time not making a comment to the general public standing about if something occurs, such as an epileptic seizure. Or a car accident, or some other event that draws peoples attention. Even just in an elevator, at times, I'll address someone. Or in a line-up somewhere. I've actually talked to the psych. about this. How some are taken aback that I dare address them, about a subject. We've talked about that it's all about judgement. Something I have more of, when on pills for my head. Something I definitely lack while flying high as a kite. What I do find, when I'm conscious of my behaviour is that a general topic, such as the weather, or the sports team(s) or referring to an event, like the baby spitting up, for instance, is accepted more easily. A personal comment, as in "I like your hair" may be accepted, by some, but not by others.

So, what I'm trying to say is don't worry about what you blog about. Just let it come out, if you want it to. That's what I do. Try to make it sane. And thankfully free of spelling errors. Can't stand those. We all need to express ourselves in different ways. For me, this is a purge of my thoughts. I enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

In senior year of high school through freshman year of college, I carried around a small notebook where I would write down my random thoughts and doodle at will. It was a nice release at times, particularly when you're bored in class. Sometimes it's a good way of catching something "different" or "special", like a quote or image over the course of your day. I picked it up again senior year of college when I was a little depressed from a bad breakup, but my livejournal has turned into a little of that now, since I'm in front of the computer now for 8+ hours a day. You can't really edit what you've entered (unless it's a spelling or grammar mistake). However, you can change the privacy level. But the entries need to be real and raw in order for it to be most effective in just letting everything out.

Toria/Deb said...

Yeah, raw and fresh, great description. Then it's a true purge of the emotions.