April 23, 2009

Another piece of the puzzle

Had a lovely chat with my mom this morning. She tells me that her first cousin had manic-depression when he was alive. Ah well, there you go, another family member to add to the list, to reinforce this idea => genes, family have to do with it.

I wish I'd known this beforehand, to tell to the psychologist/psychiatrist. Oh well, we'll have to add that onto the charts.

Today I've set myself the task of writing down all the key pieces of information about my thoughts, and feelings that I've written on here. Just a quick summary of thoughts that yes, for instance, I can feel a quick flash of anger, intense, and then it's gone, with my feeling sorry that it happened. Or intense sympathy for someone, but having to be taught to feel empathy for what that person feels about me.

I've heard it said that half the problem is figuring out what the problem is. Once that's done, then you can work on the solution. That's what I feel I've come to. A view of my problem and an immense desire to fix it, as best as possible.

Quote from David Lees, a friend of a friend: "But you never heard about Ernest Hemingway's legions of kindred spirits. If he had that I'm sure he'd have gotten drunker and smiled more and written nothing. To me, loneliness is the muse that keeps on giving. You can get mightily sick of her but she'll always be there for you." Well said

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