May 31, 2009

101 things Mummies should know

With the help of Victoria I'm going to write down a fun list over the next bit of time of "101 thing Mummies should know". Not the Egyptian kind but the hugs and kisses kind that gave birth to the munchkins.

1. Mummies should kiss it better. It helps.

2. My mummy should give me a kiss and a hug before bed.

3. Mummy shouldn't cry in front of the kids.

4. Mummy should make peanut butter and jam sandwiches cut just the right way (X-shape for triangles).

5. Always get a new pair of shoes when they grow out of the old ones.

6. Mummies should buy toys (lots of them!)

7. Mummies should give ice cream to the kids.

8. Should always wear your seat belt in the car.

9. Shouldn't cut your finger in the kitchen while using a knife.

10. Mummies should post kids art work on the window.

11. Bedtimes should be 9:30 pm (I said no way to that one!)

12. should give us healthy food to eat. (that's my 7 year old telling me that! wow!)

13. Mummies should look pretty

14. should buy nice clothes that I want to wear. (Ha!)


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