May 18, 2009

8 years to the day

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It was 8 years ago that I found out I was expecting Victoria. Such a simple double line but with so much meaning. Finally I was pregnant naturally, without awful tests, and drugs and other measures to get me pregnant.


The Maven said...

What an awesome thing to remember. I don't remember the days I found out I was pregnant. I just remember the feelings with all three:

First: Oh, wow!
Second: It's about time!
Third: Oh... Shit. Really?

Toria/Deb said...

Yeah, part of the reason that I named Victoria this name was due to the date (Victoria day weekend). Also the fact that in my mind I'd always loved the name. Hence my on-the=internet name hehe. Never Vicky though. I don't like that one. LOL

Wellness Writer said...

What an adorable child! And yes, I do remember the moment I got pregnant. It's actually a good story, and perhaps some day I'll write about it on my blog.