May 19, 2009

I worked really hard today

Normally my house looks like a hurricane went through it. Or basically 2 girls who don't really pick after themselves, and a mum who's basically lazy and a dad that's tired. And so, it gets cleaned up, and picked up as needed. But ... when my mum comes to visit well we'll just really get to work shall we? And work hard. I love when my Mum says "Oh your house looks nice Deb". Instead of "how can you live in a terrible mess like this?" Mind you, she didn't see the upstairs today. hee hee.
But yes, the living and dining room was cleaned and vacuumed and I get the kitchen floor spotless. Dishes all put away and cupboards closed. And even the patio door window shining clean inside and out. Clean from the winter grime and dust. Phew, a lot of work. But man it does feel good! I enjoy having it.

I felt refreshed this morning. A decent nights sleep, and my antibiotics, as well, in me. I've been dealing with Strep throat the last few days. Finally got to see a doctor, at the hospital across the river in another province (GRR!). Within the day they've started working. Of course I'll take the full course of them. I'd be stupid not to.

Today just felt good. I was mindfully busy, and it felt good. I feel accomplished and can see the fruit of my labour today.

That's what I feel like right now. A happy, content, lovely pear. Leave it a bit too long and you'll not get the crisp ripe flesh you know it should have. Just right at just the right time. Pears are one of my favourite fruits. Along with a crisp MacIntosh. Or a bowl of cherries. You can't just eat them blindly.

Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur. Muriel Spark, British author

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