May 20, 2009

Quote I particularly like today

"Live to be in the present. Safety, security, knowing and being right are all synonyms for death."–Cheri Huber

When cleaning yesterday I found a note that I'd taken to the psychiatrist with this quote on it "Now why is it that most of us can talk openly about the illnesses of our bodies, but when it comes to our brain and illnesses of the mind we calm up and because we clam up, people with emotional disorders feel ashamed, stigmatized and don't seek the help that can make the difference." by Kirk Douglas in his "Stroke of luck" autobiography.

Underneath that she'd written this - There is nothing wrong with you. Make a change for the good in your life. And she wrote down Cheri Hubers name. So, I looked it up this morning.

Cheri Huber's website here

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The Maven said...

I love that quote. Most excellent, I will go to bed tonight thinking about it.