May 12, 2009

Thoughts today

Patch Tuesday on WoW, always a good day to get caught up on the web, get housework done (ha! when I get the arse working that is), and listening to music.

First, about Grant Norsworthy's note about "I have gone to Rwanda" Very moving, and very very much worth reading. As a wake up call that our pink IPods (sorry Maven) and our hot cars (sorry Caitlyn) and our water of our lawns in May (sorry neighbour) are really just so much fairy floss in our lives. We can see them but if they were gone would our lives be any different? What if our mothers and/or father were shot dead in the night? Pretty life shattering no? It is good to read that somebody cares enough to go listen to those people. And has the courage to do it. I don't know as I'd have that courage even if I could go.

Now to the acupuncture session last night. Felt good, but tired afterwards. Glad to lie down and relax. Had a lovely deep night's sleep. Thank goodness!

The Druidery Handbook now. Got this book from a book sale at my daughters school. Quite the interesting reading actually. Without a long, drawn-out description I'll just say that what the psychiatrist has said I should be doing, and what the acupunture guy has been saying I should do is echoed in this book, as well.

Briefly "at least once a week during your Candidate year, spend fifteen minutes, or more, in direct contact with the natural world. In a wild place preferably with few humans about, but an abundance of the natural world. Sit and absorb all the sounds, sights, smells and feelings of the place. Simply observe stillness while in this place. Empty your mind, and absorb all of it within you." Yes, sounds very nice! I shall do that, for sure.

And finally, on my mental list we come to "God's Mechanics" a book on how Scientists and Engineers make sense of religion. Interesting book, all around. The author is a Jesuit, and an astronomer at the Vatican as well as a professor of astronomy. How can we know the measure of the universe (we can't) and therefore how can we know the meaure of God is his theory. For every logical proof shown there is an axiom posed. If God exists is the axiom that is proposed then go forth and make a logical proof of it, is his argument essentially at the beginning of the book.

Worth a read, IMHO.

Have a great day. Smile, you have a better life than 90% of the people on this green, blue, water filled planet we call Earth.

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