May 11, 2009


I waver, with the thought process between the feeling good that I'm able to write in a blog and the feeling of who really gives a care what I'm writing. Hence the question below this post. A particularly negative frame of mind when I wrote that.

Well, let's just muddle along, keep this thing tottering along on spindly legs, and keep writing. In other words, glad I didn't make the hasty decision to delete, but instead paused for a couple of days to mull it over, and get opinions. This is good, btw. Less rash decisions means I'm exerting some control over my thoughts and actions.

Recalls what the psychiatrist said: I am so much more than my mind, and that my mind lets me think I am.

Hard to write pithy thoughts at 6:15 am, with tired-feeling eyes. Will let the thoughts swirl and settle and write more later.


The Maven said...

Just remember that for everybody commenting on your blog there are probably dozens reading it. I'm always shocked at the amount of people who stop by mine without having ever commented.

And if you take the mindframe that this is a space for YOU, then it won't matter who writes to you and who doesn't. Well, not as much anyway. That being said, if you want to attract new people, visit a lot of similar blogs and comment often. Link to their blogs as well and, before you know it, you'll have a steady following :)

Toria/Deb said...

Yes, so true that you get in a mindset that you care about comments, and then they don't come and then you get depressed. I get that way sometimes. And then it's like an inner strength takes over and I'm good again. A sort of mental dusting off of the knees and lets have another crack at this > I'm not giving up attitude. Thanks for the pep talk!