May 21, 2009

The woman's brain, and anger

How is it that we've arrived at 2009 and yet so many things aren't really known "why" women are different? Have you ever had a savage moment of anger, while suffering with PMS, and had your husband look at you like "who's the bitch in aisle 9 of the supermarket having a hissy fit?" Like he really doesn't know where this mood, this feeling, this emotion is coming from in his wife/lover. He, and most men will never feel those flash anger moments. Snapping, angrily, and then we push it away. I'll have those, and then smile, deep breath in, and I'll be okay. Any readers that feel that same flash, savage, bite-your-head-off anger?

I was given a neat book to read called "Women's Moods" by a friend Maven (thank you). A psychiatrist traces how many moods are truly based on our cycles. And yet, still so few times have I been asked "where are you in your monthly cycle?" It's like that has no meaning, yet, in a medical office. Why doesn't it?

Another great book that I ordered and have here beside me now is "The Female Brain" Finally a book written by a doctor who helps run the "Women's and Teens Mood and Hormone clinic" Link

I feel that I'm starting menopause. Extra moodiness (that I don't need :P), less flow, and a feeling of getting old. Never a happy time of life. This age (around 47 to 50) was the time my mum experienced menopause. Apparently it does happen the same time roughly in family lines. So, it's not surprising after all.

But .... to me that goes so well with the why of the savageness of some of my moods.

Excerpt now from "The Female Brain"

"That's how Sylvia felt at age forty-seven, when she called my clinic for an appointment - the first time in her life she had seen a psychiatrist. It was the year before her last child left for college, and she had constant mood symptoms - including irritability, with emotional outbursts and a lack of joy and hope - that had started to distress her. 'Peri menopause is like adolescence - without the fun,' she said on day. It's true your brain is at the mercy of changing hormones, as it was in puberty, with all the nerve-jangling psychological stress responsivity, worries about appearance, and over-the-top emotional responses. Sylvia would be fine one minute, but just the wrong comment from her husband could send her slamming doors throughout the house and seeking refuge in the garage for an hour-long sob fest. She couldn't take it anymore and wanted me to prescribe something to treat her symptoms. ...."

Hell yeah I can relate to that. Way too much. Would love to hear comments :)

You know, this book has really twigged my thought "how much is my life ruled by bipolar and how much by simple hormones or lack of hormones?" My psychiatrist has never asked, ever, about my monthly cycle. Interesting thought, that.

Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were. Cherie Carter-Scott

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