June 10, 2009

keywords used to find this blog

Here are some of the keywords used by people to find this site

- bipolar stereotypes
- bipolar blogspot
- The Weather Network ( LOL! )
- describe mania
- bipolar madness
- bipolar II
- how does mania feel
- bipolar disease "blogspot"
- bipolar friendship
- manic pms
- how families with someone with bipolar 2 hypomania grieve
- difference between borderline and madness

Interesting to see how people discovered my blog, and I hope some of what I write is helpful to a few of you. The view inside my head, and thoughts, and feelings, is meant to be just that. A single voice from me sharing my view on the madness of bipolar.

I'll never be normal. Yeah normal isn't so great. But it means not having to watch your moods. "Am I reacting okay to this situation?" is something I'm always having to ask myself. If I was normal, and without bipolar, I'd not have to be asking that of myself. Oh well, I'll have to cope with it. Some days, when I feel well loved and cared for it's okay with me that I'm somewhat sick in the head. And yet other days with a lot of little things piled on, like today, it's hard to cope. Lots of tears today, for whatever reason. Not sure if it's due to a bad nights sleep or what.

I had a scary dream last night. Dreamt that for some reason Vic, my little one, was playing near a dangerous place where she could fall. I have a great fear of heights and cannot stand to be near an drop-off of any type. Woke myself up 2 or 3 times at least due to that dream. Maybe that was enough to make me a bit tired, and therefore a bit vulnerable to emotions. Not sure, obviously.

Ok, find a cheery, uplifting quote for yourself now she tells herself.

Dare to be yourself.
Andre Gide, French critic, essayist, & novelist (1869 - 1951)

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