June 25, 2009

Thoughts on Michael Jackson and "being odd"

I am outraged at the cruel way some people say "good that sicko Jacko is dead". He was a human being. A person. With kids who loved their daddy. With brothers and sisters who loved their brother. With parents. Yes, perhaps he was different in his choice of art, and other oddities of life. But we, as society, cannot pass judgment, and call him "sick, twisted, weird, disgusting, freak". There is a saying in Latin de mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est. It is variously translated as "No one can speak ill of the dead," "Of the dead, speak no evil," or, more literally, "Let nothing be said of the dead but what is good."

Another saying I think of is "Judge not lest you be judged by the same measure." We have no right to call him these things. It troubles me greatly that a pop figure, who arguably was one of the most influential artists in the 20th century, could be treated so horribly in words.

For what it's worth, I'm sad for his death. He was a talent. He will be missed. Whatever speculation may exist about his illness(es), mental states, mood(s) or whatever he gave us entertainment.

RIP Michael

EDIT: I see a lot of the pack mentality in a lot of posts. "Oh others are bashing him, let's join in too, and give a good kick or two in words". Sort of the same thing that leads a bunch of yobos to bash a man senseless, or dead, just because he looked funny.

Look within yourself, I ask. Do you know he was sick? Or did you simply read a media report that said he was? Did you see him abuse a child? Or did you simply read a report that he had? Ever play the game of Chinese whisper? Where you start off in a circle with each person whispering the same message around, with the last one saying it? How distorted the actual message is when said out loud by the last person? That's what I believe has happened 1,000 fold in this guys case. We don't know him, through the media. We don't know this person. We don't have a right to judge him, just like we don't have a right to judge a schizophrenia patient who is going through a spell of distorted thinking.


Anonymous said...

Poor Michael! Such a talent, taken too early, yet a lonely man, who perhaps no one understood. The gifts he had were great, but the world may not understand one at that level of greatness. I pray that his time with his children was joyful for all of them.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I came across your blog. I'm bipolar myself and since I have been diagnosed with this disorder, my perspective of life and other people have changed. For those who are "normal" (whatever that is); they never had this revelation. To them Michael Jackson is just an oddball. They have no idea that insanity, restlesness and being troubled is only one step away - and that it is a life time struggle, that is sometimes fought uphill. I'm not justifying their opinions and comments. In fact they make me sick to my stomach. All I'm trying to point out is that because they didn't had to deal with mental issues, they seem to miss an "empathy" chip. As a matter of fact they are more wacked than Michael Jackson ever was... So xxxx them...

Toria/Deb said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, walk a mile in my shoes, and then tell me what you think, is about it's like, isn't it? Unless you live a life with bipolar, you don't know what it's like do you? It's not easy - always having to monitor my moods - thinking "am I okay this day, this week. Am I stable?"

Really, it's lovely to hear from a reader. I don't get many comments on this blog, and am actually reading a blog at the moment, the Julie and Julia blog where, at first she's worried no one reads it. I'm the same way - worried that nobody cares about my crappy writing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

People care... And I will def. return here.

And yeah, it is tough. I live in Holland, it's 6 in the morning and can't sleep - not a good sign. Insomnia = terrible. This monitoring can sometimes be very, and I mean, very frustrating. Like dissecting yourself underneath a microscope. Always looking for the signs...

Anonymous said...

i just found this blog and i have to say i can definately relate.Ive never been to anyone to be diagnosed as bipolar but i definately share the symptoms.Where others chastised MJ i really empathized because i completely understood his feelings.My friends think im wierd for that but ive been dealing with this issue for a very very long time,ive lost friends because they couldnt deal with my ups and downs.On top of it all, to have to feel like your being picked apart for something you can't/don't know how to deal with is horrible.Everyday is a stuggle its a fight with yourself and i wish someone could have helped Michael~R.i.p 4evaloved

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Michael Jackson fan and I think I have watched everything related to him on youtube.
**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor**

After watching it appears he was bipolar. His trouble sleeping, depression and manias. Maybe he was undiagnosed and self medicating with the medications.

He just appears textbook bipolar to me as I am bipolar and related to a lot of the material I was listening to. The stress if he was bipolar would have made things worse therefore more meds were used.

Also, his creativity and talent, staying up all night, and getting ideas for songs in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep.

In no way am I saying only bipolars are creative but this was to the extreme. You can even see it in interviews during the time he was with the Jackson 5.

Just my opinion. I would love to hear any opinions or feedback.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster above me (10/11/09, 1:29 PM).

I'm also Bipolar, and I am watching documentaries about Michael Jackson (the one I'm watching right now is one with Martin Bashir).

As I've been watching this one, I've noticed some very tell tale signs of bipolar...definite manic stages (literally incapable of sitting still; bouncing his legs big time while he's trying to give a bottle to Blanket...to the point where you can see the baby moving in jerky movements; buying a large quantity of high priced items in an incredibly short period of time, very impulsively).

I mostly have seen manic states in him during this special, but he has also indicated (& partially shown) depressed stages as well. The self deprecating comments, apparently no desire to go outside of his home at times, isolates himself).

I'm not a doctor either, but as far as bipolar, sometimes "it takes one to know one"; and it really does appear to me from what I've been seeing (on this & different videos/documentaries), that he likely also lived with bipolar disorder.

Anonymous said...

Michael lived under a lot of pressure, it could not have been easy when the media was constantly attacking him. I have never seen more cruelty. And it was because Michael was different. How was he supposed to live, he couldn't go out in public, because he would be mobbed. The paparazzi were after him all the time.The Enquirer, and other tabloids printed trash about him. They never once considered that it was a human being that they were trashing. When he was on trial for his life, the media were just hoping that they could make even more cash if he went to jail.They labeled him even before the verdict came back. I don't know how many of us could have gone through what he went through. I would say that he needed a lot of healing time. I don't think he ever fully recovered from what was done to him.