June 20, 2009

What about another sense we don't yet have a name for?

This is something I thought about regarding senses. What if we haven't classified all the senses we have? I notice that I've got a sensitivity to peoples feelings beyond that of normal people. For instance I looked at a friends picture and asked him a quest that literally blew him away about how I knew to ask him that. I just sensed as I looked at the photo and thought/felt it.

I've been recently reminded of Rodin. How standing there in his garden staring at the "Thinker" sculpture and thinking "why, why did he design that with the elbow on the opposite knee to what we'd normally see?" How that sculptor must have seen objects in such a way that clearly allowed him to copy them within a sculpture. Or perhaps Mozart, in how he saw the music in his head. He clearly had an entirely different way than most of us in seeing/hearing/feeling/sensing the music and its notes/sounds.

I've heard a friend say that he sees numbers really easily in his head. He can do complex multiplication in his head, for crumb's sake. I sure can't do simple subtraction :P The ones place is gone from memory while I work out the tens place. Forget the 100's place. :P

Recently been reminded that some just don't agree with me, at all. Oh well, such is life, must carry on without them. C'est la vie, and the way the cookie crumbles. Pip, pip, chin up, must carry along, as they say in England (or did way back LOL)

I have a good, happy strong life here. I am not a failure. These are the thoughts I want in my head as I lay down to go to sleep. I am strong and brave, even if sick mentally.

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