August 25, 2009

A change in my sleeping habits

I've noticed in the last 7 days or so that I've had a lot more sleeplessness. Haven't been able to get to sleep for anything :( Last night, in a effort to sleep I took 2 Zyprexa - now, I can recall having that beforehand and being blotto the next morning. And yet this morning I was awake at 4 am, and not feeling tired? The Zyprexa worries me though - so much weight gain on it, and the chance of diabetes developing :( Ugh.

Let's hope my sleep gets back to a more normal pattern soon. I hate being awake at 2 am prowling the house, trying to be quiet. Feeling too wired to read a book - too hyper. It's a horrible feeling when you know you need the sleep, and can't get it.

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Wendy Love said...

Yes, it is a horrible feeling...almost enough to make you depressed if you are not already. I can identify with that. I will pray for you!