August 14, 2009

Haven't gone away for good

Please excuse my lack of posting, but really just enjoying life. This feels like work sometimes, to come on and write a post. I don't want it to feel like that. I want it to be a happy purge of thoughts when I feel the need. So, don't worry if I'm not posting regularly. I'll not abandon this blog like I have others. No, this is my little purge of thoughts relating to bipolar and me.

I'm happy that I've come to a realization of sorts within myself. That which is the realization that my past is simply there in the past. Some events have shaped me into the person I am, but others make my skin crawl at the memories. I truly need a internal sea-wall in which to filter out the good, leaving the bad memories behind the wall. As I move along in life, I try to think "live in the present dear, be grateful for what you have, at this moment, don't be sad for the mistakes which are in the past." It's easy to say, but the practice of living it isn't easy.

I hope your day is wonderful, joyous and happy. I hope someone tells you they love you. That's a beautiful thing to hear, isn't it?

My daughter who said "Mummy I love you" this morning.

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