September 21, 2009

Working on getting work

Well, I've been working on getting work. Not an easy task when you're a stay at home mum for the last 12 years, or so. Haven't had a whole pile of work experience before that either. So, I'm aiming for the low-class jobs at Tim Horton's and the like.

Feeling okay about myself otherwise. I'm managing okay on the Zeldox capsules with a few Zyprexa, for sleep purposes, needed for some nights.

It's a gorgeous day outside and I've been for a short walk. Nice in these late September days to feel the warmth of the sun still. All too soon the sun will be making a short arc in the sky and it will be too cool to feel the warmth.

Live life joyous and happy. We are wonderful people with kind, warm hearts. Let's not forget that among the daily trials of life when it's seeming all negative, about what we 'can't, don't, fail' to do right. I'm guilty, myself, of getting down on myself. I am a strong, beautiful, kind person who cares.

September 9, 2009

Back to the routine

Well it's back to the routine here of getting kids off to school each morning. We're in our 2nd week of school now. I still miss the girls energy, enthusiasm and joie de vivre in the house however. It seems 'empty' with them gone. Too quiet, not enough life in the house. Just me and the cat - our dog is gone, due to him running away. He wasn't turned in at the SPCA, and haven't seen him since July :( Silly Beagle, always running away. So busy following his nose he likely got hit by a car I'd guess? Not a clue where he is now, sadly.

I feel lonely - I need to get out more, see more people, enjoy life today - a beautiful sunny day with mid-September coolness. Beautiful.