November 4, 2009

Juggling with my medication levels

I'm currently juggling with the level of Zeldox (ziprasidone) in my system. I went from 20 mg mornings, 20 mg evenings to 40 mg mornings, 60 mg evening. I found with that increase in the level of medication I felt nervous and anxious. Couldn't sit still, couldn't concentrate on reading anything, and just felt "busy is better". It was an unsettling feeling indeed. I stuck with that program for 4 weeks hoping it would get better but it didn't. So, I've gone back to the pharmacist and with my doctor's blessing am back down at 20 mg mornings, and 40 mg evenings. Seems to have made a good difference in my life, in terms of reading concentration. But I do notice a difference in my ability to compose blog posts *laughs* It's as though the pump of thoughts really isn't there, at all. It's a conscious effort now to get myself sitting down to type out a blog post. It's not an effortless task as it was beforehand to jot down a purge of thoughts. So, please excuse the lack of posts but I am going to try my best to keep up with regular posting. I'll try for one post a week and see how that goes.


Martie said...

wow, you are brave. I'm too scared to mess with my meds. Even to the point that I sometimes don't speak up at the doctors office and tell them "things aren't working right". Why is that? Am I afraid I will disappoint them? That they will send me to the "crazy cruise" (that's the vacation you go on--no one can call or visit...And it lasts about a week). I think I'm REALLY afraid thay will say "That's as good as we can do--you have to do the rest". You are brave. I'm impressed.

Martie said...

Hate to see you haven't posted after my last comment. I hope it wasn't me. I still hate meds changes. I still don't feel I am on the right meds/dosages/treatment. I still hope you are well. I hope you've had a great to start to a new year.