January 6, 2010

Bad News

Well, we got some bad news that we'd been expecting. My husband got laid off from his job. This wasn't a surprise, but also not welcomed. It means we don't have the health insurance plan that covered the cost of my drugs. Yes, eeep, that's not good news at all. Just now, when I'm feeling stable, I need those drugs. And now the cost of them has skyrocketed for us. Eeep again.

Quebec does have a provincial prescription plan that I'll have to look into. We are supposed to either be covered by it, or a private plan (which we've had up to now). So, hopefully that will cover some of the cost of the drugs. I hope so, anyhow.

Surprisingly, I've had few tears over this. Yes, a few but that's to be expected. Really, emotionally, I am stable, thank goodness.

Wish us luck on finding Tim new work.

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