March 10, 2012

An execellent video about revolutionizing school

There's a video out here by Sir Ken Robinson about how we have to revolutionize our schools.  How the fast food model and style of our schools isn't working any longer.  We need to think seismically in change.  "The tyranny of common sense - well it's been that way for a while, why does it need to change?"

Just like climate change is forcing us to think 50 or 100 years down the road, so we must think of our children's children.  What life will they face?

I know that school didn't work well for me.  I didn't fit neatly into the round peg of school. Some courses in high school piqued my interest and I got very high marks in them. Most were bare passes.  As the guidance counselor said after I did some tests, "You're a very brilliant girl Debbie, I'm sorry school isn't working out so well for you".  They adapted my schedule enough that I didn't feel the pressure of writing an exam in a gym with dozens of other children.  I was allowed to write them in a quiet room where I could think, quietly.

So much of what I know isn't from what I learned in school.  Yes, a lot of the bases were put there, but so many of the things I know are from reading.  From talking with people, in private, and in public.

We must dis-enthrall ourselves from the belief that our education system is okay for 20 years down the road.

Just like older people wear wristwatches because they've always done it.  Kids don't wear them.  They can find the time is so many other places.  They are digital age children.  We owe it to them to allow them to learn in different ways.

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