March 26, 2012

Leonard Nimoy's birthday today

It's "Spock's" birthday day - really Leonard Nimoy. So if you're on Twitter send him a happy birthday message at #TheRealNimoy He's gotten lots so far.

Yeah, Spock like - Asperger's people are like that.  Fact driven folk who have little time for society's rules on delivery modes.  Also known as bluntness without the sugar coating of tact that society seems to demand, in order to be polite.

I'm much more fact based than most women I think. I don't tend to think of flowery compliments.  I'm blunt, honest, forth-right and say what I think/mean without much censoring. I try to be polite but I'm sure it doesn't come across as I'd like it to.  I've probably hurt some peoples feelings over it.  Oh well, that's water under the bridge, I guess.  Just have to try harder to be nice all the time.

How do any of you out there feel about Spock?  Do you feel he represent an Asperger syndrome person?

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