March 9, 2012

More thoughts on #KONY2012

Okay, haven't stopped obsessing over this yet.  I'll get there. Just a few more purges of thought and then I'm done with it. Enjoyed a few tweets back and forth with Xeni Jardin of Boingboing and got my name mentioned on the post about African reaction to #KONY2012 (ToriaURU) Sent her the link to the bio of the guy and the story about  the reaction of the young man featured in film. Never my intent to try to get name there, just trying to spread word, by Twitter.

So many voices now, so much said about this film. This video speaks so well of the issues.  So much more complex than film says it is.  The film is so simple in its narrative.  A bunch of good guys are going to get "one bad man".  Doesn't talk about all the other bad men in the zone.  Doesn't begin to scratch the surface of the issues.

I was aware of the problems of Africa because of my best friend's cousin.  David McGuffin, a journalist with CBC wrote a few articles about Africa. So I was aware of trouble already.  That is why that film didn't speak to me the way it spoke to others. It spoke to me of simplifying a very complex issue to a young child. As though we were children who were watching.

As this article so rightfully points out a $30 kit and a "feel good" attitude doesn't cut it. Yes, donate that same amount of money to one of the aid agencies that is doing rebuilding of communities in the zone.  Any one of those is worthy of a donation.

Simply put, this has been one of the most talked about films in history.  This is great.  But lets see some really good things come from it. Let's see commitment to long term change in a zone that so desperately needs it. We deserve to pay the people of Africa in respect for their actions to rebuild their torn apart countries. That much we owe them. Not in giving money to a questionable organization to fund a military that is corrupt to the core and create more violence.

Very good piece here that says so much more than I've said.  Really revealing and truthful.  Hahaha about "Justin Bieber's take on Central African politics" LOL....  Best line of the article IMHO.

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