March 19, 2012

A new heroine

Okay, I'll admit it, I have a new heroine.  It's Mayim Bialik her website  She plays the part of Amy Farrah Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory."  Why do I admire her so?  Because she's so open about her choices of parenting.  Because she's written a new manual on how to do Attachment Parenting. Beyond the Sling  It's lovely to see a famous person talking about it.  As far as famous goes, I'd say that she qualifies.  Someone who's seen by millions of people.  I love that show by the way.  Love how Sheldon so personifies those of us that are "odd" meaning outside the boundaries of "normal".  He is great.  So glad to see his work being recognized with awards.

I really admire Mayim for her talking out on this subject of attachment parenting. To break down the barriers that it's not odd to want to carry your baby in a sling.  To be there, answer their crying with attention.  To sleep with your baby because it just feels right.  To answer the critics that says it's like sleeping with a butcher knife in bed with the baby.

For me, I loved sleeping with my babies.  Made breast feeding so easy.  When they needed it in the night, I'd just roll over and they'd feed and I'd drift back to sleep.  So simple, so natural.  I feel sorry for those that felt that it was necessary to wake up fully, go and pick up the crying child and sit in a rocking chair to feed them.  Staying awake long enough to finish the feeding.  Then standing there, waiting while the child fell asleep   No wonder they are sleep deprived.  I never felt sleep deprived.  Not trying to imply anyone is wrong here, just stating what I feel. The lady that I had for help with breast feeding said that she felt it was good to sleep to sleep with baby.  So, I took that on board and ran with it.  Did that, although I had a crib set up.  We never used the crib, hardly ever.  Sometimes I'd lay the baby in there to sleep, but rarely.  When Sarah was a toddler, we had a toddler bed set up in the same room.  She'd lie on it for naps.  But often we'd take naps together after a story or two.

What do you feel about attachment parenting out there?  How did you cope with babies?

It's been often said of me that I seem to understand animals better than most. Like how I seem to have an affinity with them.  I don't know if that's to do with autism or not.  Just seems natural to me to listen to the animal and heed its cry.  Like when the cat meows because she wants food.  I listen to her and feel her.  When we had a dog, I could tell when he wanted a walk,  And we went out and did it.  Felt good to answer the call of the animal.  Same with babies.  Felt good in my heart to listen to them crying and answering that cry with action.

So yeah, that's why I admire her.  Amazingly smart woman.  Good for her for speaking out on it all.

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