March 27, 2012

Reading "My Life with Aspergers"

I'm currently reading "My Life with Asperger's" and not enjoying it much. I mean it's nice to read another person's story, and interesting.  But the way that she's chopped up her little story?  Not enjoying that much. She starts out with detailing her trip from childhood and moving a lot to her diagnosis. Then goes back again to talk about the chronology of her jobs.  Then goes back to talk about sexual abuse here and there. Then talks about her schooling.  Then comes mention of her various brushes with the law along the years. Very very chopped up.

To make an analogy, it's as though there are onions (her symptoms), green peppers (her work) and red peppers (her sexual abuse), and throw in some purple cabbage in there (her schooling) and just mix them all up on the cutting board.  All jumbled one story within another.  Very very hard to keep track of where she is, what age she was.

 Frankly I think I could do a better job of it.  I'd lay it out chronologically, building to the age of 44 when I was diagnosed with AS. With the bipolar thrown in there.  I'd like have to self publish, and probably would lose interest in writing.  But anyhow, that's my opinion.

I have no idea if I could actually write a book. I should probably try to get something down.  I've done enough crazy crap in there to make it interesting to someone.  I do find my mind is a bit freer and I'm better able to get a flow of words out.

Have a great day all :)

 Anger is never without Reason, but seldom with a good One. Benjamin Franklin

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