March 18, 2012

Ways that we learn

I've been reading a lot in the last day about ways that we learn.  All the senses help us learn things.  For me, I've always found that being able to touch something and manipulate it helped me.  When I said "can I see that?" it meant "can I touch that and feel it?"  My daughter seems to learn from doing that as well.  She's always picking the flowers and tearing them apart  Her way of learning how to see what the flower is made up of.

The university style of learning, where you sit in a lecture hall, and take notes and then go back to your room and learn them never worked for me.  For me, it was the reading of the textbook that helped.  And then coming up with my own way of explaining it to myself.

I think the best gift you can give a child is the want to read.  With reading they can learn so much.  Both on the computer and in books.  I read an article last night by a doctor of psychology that said why limit children's screen time on the computer?  They are reading that, just like a book.  You wouldn't think of taking a book out of a child's hands, saying that's enough reading for today, no more.  Computers are the childrens new books.  Full of information and learning.  You can't stop a person from learning.  The child feels when they've had enough I think.

It all comes around to this sense of the child being the boss of themselves I think.  A child-led centric. I have always been a firm advocate that the child knew what they wanted, better than I did.  I was an attachment parent from the get-go with both children.  Co-sleeping, breast feeding on demand, cloth diapers, never letting them cry it out philosophy.  Yes, we had little social life, but the child is what mattered.  When I did have to go out, the child came with me in a sling.

They've always known that I value their opinion.  Never have I been s strict mum.  On safety yes, I have been.  On bedtimes I try to be, for school's sake.  On eating, never.  I've read that you are in charge of preparing and presenting the food. They are the ones in charge of how much and what they eat.

Learning is a life long passion that we all have.  We all do it in different ways.  I just want my children to love learning. The computer seems to help that, in various ways.  Minecraft is a passion that my children both love to do.  I've been reading that it's actually considered to be one of the more educational games out there.

How do you learn?  Leave a comment if you like. I'd love to hear.

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