April 28, 2012

Bullied teens

This post is going to seem a little harsh.  But I think it's time to be a bit harsh and realistic and truthful.  There are teens out there, in the U.S. that are being bullied.  By their parents.  By the people at school.  Why?  Because they appear to be gay.  They didn't ask for this.  They didn't decide 'oh I'll be gay".  They just are gay.  They know it.  They sit in their room and think why they were actually born to be a living, breathing human being placed on this earth.  To be a sick, twisted, ugly lump of flesh that dares to think heretic thoughts that they like people of their own sex.  They think these thoughts because of the messages they hear from their parents, due to the parents religious beliefs.  This is wrong.  They shouldn't be made to feel this way.  They aren't sick, they are human.

Some of the people that post on the Asperger's forums are these bullied teens.  They type in "why am I here on earth?  Why must I live in hell on earth?  I can't take it any more"  You type in below "It'll get better".  And you see nothing in reply.  That's pretty upsetting to me.  I'm sorry but I'm leading to a logical conclusion I believe.

Gay teens bullied to the point of suicide

"Despite recent cultural shifts, kids still get the overwhelming message from society that homosexuality is not acceptable," says Scott Quasha, PsyD, a professor of school psychology at Brooklyn College. It's not uncommon to hear fierce condemnation from politicians and preachers as they debate gay civil rights. Homosexuality is compared to incest, bestiality, even violent crime. "This trickles down into the schools, where bullying occurs," says Dr. Quasha. "A gay child is an easy target for classmates looking to make trouble."

We can't stand idly by and let these politicians and preachers condemn someone for their being.  They didn't ask to be what they are.  They just are.

Any preacher that promotes hate is a hypocrite:  in all major religions the golden rule is "treat others as you would like them to treat you".  That one trumps all the rest of it.  That is what God calls upon you, as a Christian to embrace.  Or any of the major religions of the world.

So I'm calling people to live the golden role if you call yourself religious.

Bullied - the forgotten memoirs by Dan Pearce

When we begin to say it's not okay to bully teens to death with our attitudes we all win.  Because compassion is there. Compassion is "deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it."

Would you say that these teens need compassion?  Or hate?  I ask you, what would help them?  Getting past the ego of your beliefs and thoughts and feeling real compassion for these people.

Here is a breakdown of Sympathy vs. Compassion  Hospice

"Reaching out is your gift, reminding others they are loved and important to you even when they need more time and attention than they can give. You offer hope that they can make it through this dark time simply by asking to be with them. Sit with your fears, acknowledge how helpless you feel, then let your compassionate heart show you how to give love."

Okay, time to throw some statistics in here to show that it's not just isolated cases that I'm talking about.

30 to 40% of GLBT have tried to kill themselves according to studies.  That's 1 in 3 kids.  1 in 3.  1 in 3 kids that see no hope.

One man, Dan, of Single Dad laughing was brave enough to post I'm Christian, unless you're gay He has had an influence beyond his wildest dream and nightmares. He's taking a break at the moment due to the overflow of responses.  Why has he gotten so many?  Because he was brave enough to speak out about the insanity of homophobia in religion. To stand up and say "This is not right".

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