April 27, 2012

Feeling morally superior

Do you feel morally superior and do you do anything to fight against what you see as right or wrong?  That is the question I'm posing to some people on Google+.  Will any of them take up the challenge I've thrown down? We have to speak out on injustices and wrongdoings.  Do what I'm trying to do every day on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  Which is to love, to accept, to tolerate and to have compassion.  I do this by posting messages from the Dalai Lama.  From quotes I like.  I do this with posts on compassion.  On "I'm Christian, unless you're gay".

That man that writes "Single Dad Laughing" had the courage and the conviction to speak out.  Do you?  Honestly, do you, sitting there behind your keyboard reading this have the conviction to actually type something out on the social medium of your choice and say something about hatred?  Or bigotry? Or misogyny? I dare you.  I honestly dare you to break down the wall of playing nice and actually say something.

It is the quiet revolution of fingers typing out messages of love and compassion that will fight these words of hate.  Of bigotry. Of misogyny.  Sitting there reading it, and thinking "geez this is wrong" and doing nothing does nothing.  It doesn't do anything at all to stop it.  Only in speaking out do we do something.

That is why "Single Dad Laughing" got so many responses good and bad.  Because he did something.  He said something that needed to be said.  If other people said what needed to be said we'd all be better off.  We'd get something as opposed to nothing.

I'll end this with a link to a story that is quite fitting to this theme.  Will the gays and women please rise?  Where he says, quite rightly

"No, my anger is directed at the many followers who choose to remain silent in the face of such bigotry. Just because some old guy with flowing robes and a funny looking hat says some stuff, it doesn’t make it right. Nor does it make it wise or necessarily God’s will. By remaining silent, you condone this moronic and hateful stance of the church, which in turns makes you as bigoted and ignorant. By remaining silent, you prove you are nothing more than a sheep being fleeced for money and acting as agent of indoctrination. By remaining silent, you’re saying homosexuals do not deserve the civil liberties you enjoy. By being silent, you are acting against the very doctrine your supreme being in the heavens wants you to follow."

Are you as bigoted, hateful, and misogynistic as some?  If you aren't why aren't you speaking out that you are not this way?  Exactly why are you silent?  Is it helping the people who are told they are "weird" by being silent and being nice?

And, as for the homosexuals and women who sit quietly in the pews, where is your voice? You must be the most indoctrinated of the lot if you can sit in a congregation that argues against your right to civil liberties and equality.

Speak out in clear honest voices that are respectful and firm.  This is the way we fight the horrible atrocities we see perpetrated.  By staying silent you are agreeing with them.  Yes,  you are. 


Carolyn said...

I *never* stay silent.
It's actually gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion, but I will never stop.
(will tell you one day about the story of how I got charged with "Disturbing the Peace" when I took it upon myself to try to intervene in a police brutality situation that I witnessed)

Toria/Deb said...

Hmm, end of day. One comment. Wow, overwhelming response. NOT.