April 30, 2012

How do we learn?

I've just watched the video at this article From the Minds of Babes

Fascinating research as to what babies think and can reason with and why they do the things that they do.

What came to mind as I heard her say at the beginning of the video was "before they learn all the facts and figures that come with growing up"  Yes, what do they feel?  Do they understand compassion already?  Do they understand fear?  Do they understand love?

If they do, why do they?  Is it in-built into humans that we have compassion?  Do we negate that compassion with our thoughts?

A child soon realizes that she has the power to say no. At two years old most are saying no to things that they ask.  They realize that they have that power.  Do they also realize that they have compassion?  When they see someone crying do they try to comfort that person? I think back based on my own children and would say yes.  They don't know the reason why you are crying but just want to make you feel better.

Why do we teach children our thoughts and beliefs? Shouldn't they be allowed to observe and absorb and wonder their own thoughts?  Not told what to think by continually indoctrinating them in your beliefs.

Autistic children seem to withdraw into themselves.  But we need to show them compassion of course.  We can't know why they are feeling that way. But with the help of the IPad some autistic people are actually able to indicate what they are thinking.  Some of what I've read about what they are saying is pretty amazing.  They aren't defective mentally, at all.  They are simply overwhelmed with sensory overload and are shutting down.  We need to unlock this overload and find that place where they can say what they are thinking.

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