April 9, 2012

A new chapter in Vic's life

Just a quick mention here that we're starting a new chapter in Vic's life.  She's going to be taking a new program (to us).  Carp Ridge Learning centre  She's very keenly interested in nature, biology and how things work in nature.  So when I saw this course available I jumped at it for her.  They'll be doing the following:

Example of Mild Weather Activities:
  • Shelter Building
  • Fire Techniques
  • Cooking
  • Folklore
  • Hiking & Camping Basics
  • Animal Tracking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Edible Plants

    She's extremely interested.  So that will be good for her to take and learn something outside of the home.  And to have interaction with other kids.  I'm excited for her! :)

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